2018年、東京・馬喰町にて、会計事務所と融合した新しいアートギャラリー “Kiyoyuki Kuwabara Accounting Gallery(KKAG)” がオープンいたしました。私は、会計・税務の専門家としてアートビジネスを支援していますが、未来を創るアーティストに、もっと寄り添い、応援したいという思いから、当ギャラリーを設立いたしました。

ギャラリー名称に含まれる “Accounting”という言葉には 「会計」だけでなく「説明」するという意味も含まれます。経営者には、自社の価値を高めるための戦略を、数字で客観的に「説明」して、投資家に「理解」してもらうという重要な役割があります。アーティストも、自分の作品の価値や文脈を客観的に「説明」して、受け手やバイヤーに「理解」を促すことを通じて、作品の評価を高めることが重要です。こうした「説明」と「理解」のプロセスを「対話」”Dialogue” といいます。当ギャラリーは、アーティストと関係者(ステークホルダー)との真摯な「対話」の場を提供し、新たな価値を創造するアート・インキュベーターでありたいと考えています。


Kiyoyuki Kuwabara Accounting Gallery(KKAG)代表 桑原清幸


In 2018, a newly founded art gallery fused with an accounting office in Bakurocho, Tokyo to form “Kiyoyuki Kuwabara Accounting Gallery (KKAG)”. I have supported art businesses through my work as an accountant/tax advisor however, I have set up this gallery in the hope that I would also be able to encourage and support artists of the future in this way.

The word “Accounting” is included in the name of the gallery as it is a word that not only means “to account” but also “to explain”. For business owners, it is important for them to objectively “explain” using numbers so that investors would “understand” how their business plan adds value to their company. Similarly for artists, it is important for them to increase the value of their work through drawing an “understanding” from observers and buyers by objectively “explaining” to them the value and context of their work. This process of “explaining” and “understanding” is known as “dialogue”. This gallery provides a space for artists and related parties (stakeholders) to engage in earnest “dialogue”, which I hope will become an art incubator that creates new value.

The reason why this precious space managed to come about was because it was given meaning and endorsement by artists who were in strong support of this, which I am truly grateful for. Even if only a single piece of art draws inspiration to visitors, I sincerely wish it would be a space where new value and friendships will be formed.

KKAG Director Kiyoyuki Kuwabara